These paver moulds are ideal for the manufacturing of paver bricks for patios, walkways, braai and garden area, as well as indoors or pool surrounds. The stones cast with our moulds can be easily uplifted or moved/replaced in the event of sub-terranial pipes or electrical cable work (unlike continuous flat concrete slabs). If laying on an existing slab, they must be placed on a screed layer to stabilize. Larger pavers are generally better suited for Low Load Bearing areas.

Prepare the site by leveling and compacting the surface (allow a grade for storm-water drainage in the direction required). A layer of river sand on top of the prepared surface helps in final leveling before laying the pavers. Once surface has been prepared, lay the pavers. (Plastic sheeting can also be used below the pavers. This prevents ants undermining and stops weeds and roots).

Always line your moulds with Release Agent prior to casting. This prevents the concrete from sticking to your moulds.

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