Slate Tile Mould 340mm


Tile Mould 340mm X 340mm x 20mm for Casting Concrete Tiles


Our Tile Mould is used for casting rectangular slate finish Tiles with a wet concrete mix.
10 Mould Castings per m²
1 Cavity
Cladding Size = 340mm X 340mm x 20mm

Please view the video below for more information about our tile mould. 

340mm x 340mm x 20mm thick slate tile mould. Can be used on the floor if placed on an existing floor slab, or as a wall tile. Due to the nominal thickness, the cast tile can not be used directly on the ground like other stones that are thicker. Should extensions be necessary or required at a later stage, more tiles can easily be made, eliminating the common problem of discontinued tiles.

Tile Mould Instructions

  • Coat entire mould with a thin layer of release agent (especially the corners and vertical sides).
  • Cast mould to the brim with concrete (wet mix but not too wet which will cause excessive shrinkage).
  • Mix should be 1:4 (cement : river sand works well. However, if you add small stones (6-9mm) this improves the strength of the tile.
  • Keep wet while setting (important as the tile is only 20mm thick and water is used up quite readily.
  • When concrete has set (leave overnight) invert and de-mould.
  • To cure your tiles, the best is to place the tiles in a basin of water for 4 to 5 days

For general information about our moulds please view the video below:

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