How to make Pavers with our Moulds

The moulds are prepared by coating them with a thin layer of release agent to stop the concrete adhering to the mould.
Concrete is mixed in accordance with the instructions on a cement pocket. The colour can be altered by adding oxides to the dry cement/sand/stone components.
After mixing your concrete correctly, fill the mould and agitate on a hard level surface to remove any air bubbles. The correct consistency should be that with a little agitation, the concrete will level itself in the mould, ie wet mix.
Cover with plastic to retain moisture until concrete has set and a fair amount of strength has been attained.
Once set, de-mould stone and cure the concrete by keeping stone moist and out of direct sun for 7 days.
The stones can now be laid (unless it is for a driveway in which case, 28 days are needed for the concrete to reach full strength before one can drive on it).
Once the stone is de-moulded, the mould can be cleaned and prepared with release agent for the next casting.

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