Small Business Vibrating Table


Small/Medium Business Vibrating Table. The vibration table agitates the concrete mix to prevent air bubbles being trapped inside the pavers.


This machine is used during the manufacture of concrete casting products, it agitates the concrete mix to prevent air bubble buildup. Why are air bubbles in your pavers bad? It weakens them.

Small/Medium Business Vibrating Table

800x600x700mm High (5mm Thick Top Plate)

Single Phase (230V) Motor, 0,54Amp, 0.09Kw

Weight – 52Kg

Vibrating table ideal for speeding up production and improving the quality of your finished product (wet cast concrete products) when using our polypropylene, polyurethane, fibreglass and steel moulds.  The vibrating table is pre-set to eliminate bubbles or voids that may occur in the matrix.  10-15 seconds on the table is all that is required for this process. The motor and table is designed for continuous running and draws very little current.

How to use the Vibrating Table:

Fill your mould to the correct level with wet concrete mix and place on the Vibration Table. This process will agitate the concrete mix and let the concrete settle faster. It also prevents air bubbles being trapped inside the pavers. By using this machine the quality of your pavers will improve significantly and you will get much less breakage of stones upon decasting. The table can also be used for loosening pavers during de-moulding. However, the machine has to be set up differently for this purpose.

Additional information

Weight 52 kg
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