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1 Kg Yellow Oxide

1 kg Yellow Oxide used for adding colour to cement and concrete mixes.

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  • 1 Kg Yellow Oxide used for adding colour to cement and concrete mixes.
  • The mixing percentage can vary greatly depending on the shades required, type & colour of cement, sand or aggregate used. However, the general proportion is about 1% to 3% oxide in total of the amount of dry cement used.
  • Trial tests can be made by mixing a tiny amount (quarter teaspoon) of oxide with cement and adding a small amount of water, mixing thoroughly. Once mixed, paint onto a concrete surface and allow it to dry thoroughly before deciding on the shade you desire. Always make notes of what colour/s and quantity of oxide you have used.
  • By using a combination of oxides different colours can be achieved, eg red and yellow will give you an earthy brown colour.  Experiment with your own mixes and techniques to obtain your favourite mix.
  • The colour of the cement, sand or stone used will greatly alter the colour of the final casting.  The colour can also vary greatly until fully cured.
  • After handling oxides, always wash your hands thoroughly.
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