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Curb Stone Mould

150(L) x 140(H) x 127(W) Curbstone Mould

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This mould is used for casting concrete Curbstone bricks ideal for edging of garden beds and driveways. Kerb Edge Brick Mould.

150mm(length) x 140mm (width) x 127mm (thickness) curbstone mold

Creates a free standing brick, so that laying and allignment is easy.

Not necessary to grout between stones, so garden beds can be rearranged easily.

You can use these to make curved or straight garden beds.

If you want to remake the bed the stones can be lifted, put back onto the grass, redo the flowerbed and they can be moved back easily, alignment is very simple.

Please view the video below for more information about our maxibrick mould. 

Curbstone Mould Instructions

  • Coat entire mould with a thin layer of release agent (especially the corners and vertical sides.
  • Cast mould to the brim with concrete (wet mix).
  • Agitate to remove any air bubbles and allow to set (take care not to damage internal vertical sides).
  • When concrete has set, invert and de-mould.
  • Keep stone moist until cured.

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